Handy Backup 2.1 - backup computer program ftp backup software backup best utility Handy Backup 2.1 - backup freeware program automatic backup software window utility

backup freeware program ftp backup software
automatic backup scheduler AUTOMATIC BACKUP
Support for different types of backup storage CLOUD STORAGES
Intuitive Explorer style user interface INTUITIVE EXPLORER STYLE
Integrated ZIP compression INTEGRATED ZIP
128 bit encryption 128 BIT
synchronize folder SYNCHRONIZE FOLDERS

backup freeware program automatic backup software

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New Item Wizard, Step 3: Set Transfer Type

Here you can specify a type of action for your files and set transfer parameters.

Choose default action: Select an action from "Choose default action" listbox:

  • Backup (from original to storage): Copies an Item from original folder to storage folder.
  • Restore (from storage to original): Copies backed up copy of an Item from storage folder to original folder.
  • Synchronize: Makes all files in original and storage folders and all their sub folders exactly identical.

Choose Transfer Type: Select a transfer option:

  • No compression: Copies your files without archiving (e.g. if your files are already packed).
  • ZIP compression (single file): Compresses your data before copying into single ZIP archive.
  • ZIP compression (multiple files): Compresses your data before coping into multiple ZIP archives, i.e. every file will be compressed separately.

Advanced options: Set an advanced option:
Overwrite existing files: All files in the storage folder will be replaced with the current Item files.

Press "Next" button to continue.

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New Item Wizard, Step 4: Set Advanced Options

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