Handy Backup 2.1 - free backup program with ftp backup and backup on local disks Handy Backup 2.1 - autosave freeware program automatic backup software window utility

backup freeware program ftp backup software
automatic backup scheduler AUTOMATIC BACKUP
Support for different types of backup storage DIFFERENT TYPES
Intuitive Explorer style user interface INTUITIVE EXPLORER STYLE
Integrated ZIP compression INTEGRATED ZIP
128 bit encryption 128 BIT
synchronize folder SYNCHRONIZE FOLDERS
backup freeware program automatic backup software
Backup to DVD
Remote backup

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Handy Backup - easy backup software

Handy Backup is an easy-to-use backup program, with user-friendly interface designed for automatic backup and synchronizing of critical data. Handy Backup copies, saves and restores your files, accidentally lost through system errors, hardware failures, viruses, laptop theft etc.

Handy Backup software is designed for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Strong file encryption and zip compression, as well as many other useful features, will protect your data.

Novosoft offers free and shareware versions of software for your choice, which differs from each other only in sets of features they provide. During trial period they run equally, like a single program, which supports all functionalities, realized in the shareware version.

Handy Backup Free is absolutely free, and after the registration it will provide the following features:

  • Automatic backup scheduler
  • Backup to HDD, Zip, floppy, USB, online
  • Synchronizing files and folders between servers, desktops, notebooks, LANs, secondary hard disks, USB disk, floppy disk, ZIP disks.
  • Automatic searching and coping files: ICQ, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows mail, My Documents folders, Windows registry.
  • Backup of other programs by adding new plug-ins.

If you want to get all the power of the program at once it seems to be reasonable to buy Handy Backup Standard (Shareware version), containing all above mentioned features by default and also the following additional advanced features:

  • Backup to CD, DVD
  • Backup to FTP
  • Zip-compression
  • 128-bit blowfish encryption
  • Synchronizing files and folders between FTP servers
  • Run as Windows service

You can compare Standard and Free editions of Novosoft backup utilities to choose what version to use.

Also, there are some additional and very useful upgrades that become available to the Standard edition.

Read more about upgrades on the Handy Backup new web site.

Handy Backup Standard
with Handy Backup Free

Remote Backup Service
by Novosoft LLC
backup to secure
remote server

Handy Backup - backup freeware program auto backup software