Handy Backup 2.1 - backup computer program ftp backup software backup best utility Handy Backup 2.1 - backup freeware program automatic backup software window utility

backup freeware program ftp backup software
automatic backup scheduler AUTOMATIC BACKUP
Support for different types of backup storage CLOUD STORAGES
Intuitive Explorer style user interface INTUITIVE EXPLORER STYLE
Integrated ZIP compression INTEGRATED ZIP
128 bit encryption 128 BIT
synchronize folder SYNCHRONIZE FOLDERS

backup freeware program automatic backup software

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Program Menus

Program Menus allows you to manage your Items, files and log messages with a number of commands.

1. File Menu

Create Item:New Item Wizard will come up.
Transfer:Performs an immediate transfer of a selected Item.
Stop:Stops process of transfer. The command is available only during the process of transfer.
Suspend:Temporally suspends processing of selected Item. Note: If you do not resume a paused Item manually, it will be resumed automatically after you restart Windows.
Resume: Resumes transfer process.
Delete:Deletes selected Item.
Modify:Opens "Properties" window where you can view and modify properties of existing Items.
Exit:Closes the program. When you exit, the program will still perform automatic transfer if your computer is on.

2. Edit Menu

Cut:Deletes a selected object and copies it into the clipboard.
Copy:Copies selected object into the clipboard.
Paste: Pastes the selected object from the clipboard.
Properties:Allows viewing or changing general program settings.

3. View Menu

Toolbar: Shows toolbar line when checked.
Status Bar: Shows status bar when checked.
Log Window: Shows commands to operate with Log window and Log entries.
Show Log Window / Hide log window: Displays / hides Log pane.
Show only for selected unit: Displays log events related to a selected Item.
Save log: Saves a log as file for later viewing and analysis.
Clear log: Clears Log View window.
Refresh: Refreshes list of files.

4. Actions Menu

Backup: Performs backup of a selected Item.
Restore: Performs restore of a selected Item.
Synchronize: Synchronizes a selected Item.

5. Help Menu

Send your comments to us..: The window allows sending your comments and suggestions to Handy Backup team. Whatever you want to do – to report a bug, to make a request for a feature or to express your opinion, we are looking forward to your feedback.
Tip of the Day..: Opens "Tip of the day" window.
Contents: Shows Handy Backup Help topics.
Handy Backup on the Web..: Takes you to Handy Backup page on the Web.
About Handy Backup 2.1: Provides information about the current version of Handy Backup.

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