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Support for different types of backup storage CLOUD STORAGES
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Handy Backup Software for Windows and Linux

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Automatic Image Backup Software Download

Image backup utility isn't the thing many of PC users are inspired with until it's too late, when working documents, business information, movies or images are demolished with little or no opportunity of recovery. Don't get the chance of losing the files and memories that matter the most to you, protect your PC data now with Handy Backup by Novosoft.

Handy Backup software features:

  • Entire PC Protection. Handy Backup software is a reliable disaster retrieval solution that provides complete security for your PC. Backup your entire hard drive including operating system, data, applications, images, movies, audio, business documents, and important memories - Everything Automatically!
  • Real-Time Disk Image Backup. Providing different hard disk drive imaging approaches, Handy Backup able back up any operating system you use. For Windows OS partitions you can do total operating system image backup with no requirement to restart operating system or stop running application.
  • Recover from Infections and PC Crash. Handy Backup secures your computer after just one step and helps you restore from viruses and infections, unstable program downloads and failed HDs.
  • Restore Disk. You may make bootable external hard drive to restore image backup from USB, FireWire and other external, remote or network drives.
  • Backup Scheduler. No need to memorize to start backups on a general base. Handy Backup program will automatically backup up everything for you.

The nicest aspect, in contrast common backup tool, you will never should create an installation of applications or Windows OS once more. Do an identical duplicate of your PC and restore it from any major error quickly, or just copy important data and restore them even quicker!

Novosoft cutting-edge software product provides everything you wish to sleep quietly at night, remembering all of your files is secure and can be handy restored at any time.

Performing Image Backup

Handy Backup provides a quick and easy way to create an image backup of the whole hard disk, or each selected partition, and supports all kind of local and network HDs (including USB and FireWire drives). Because disk based way to backups delivers the best file security against system fails, gadget failures, and different mistakes, it is strongly advised for both home and small business computer users.

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