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Zip Backup Freeware | Automatic ZIP Compression Backup on Cloud

ZIP backup compression is utilized by Handy Backup to reduce space required for backup data storage. This way users can either store more backup data in a limited space or lessen amount of storage for somewhat large backup files.

Zip Backup Freeware

Handy Backup can compress backup files to ZIP format using its integrated backup compression algorithm. The compressed files can be stored then as a single archive or as multiple zip files, one for each folder/file.

What to Backup to Zip

There is a whole lot of data that you can backup with compression:

  • Files: all types of data (graphic, sound, folders, etc) can be a compressed backup file.
  • Disk Images*: heavy hard disk drives will consume less space using backup software.
  • Database Backup*: automatic zip backup software allows compressing database files up to 50 percent.

*Database and Disk Image Backup are features of the paid version of Handy Backup. Handy Backup free for Cloud does not provide this functionality.

Why Backup with Compression

The most obvious reason to consider zip compression backup is to save up space. Backup files can be extremely heavy to just store them unpackaged. The other advantage is that zip files can be encrypted to keep them safe. Zip backup files are also easier to send by email (in case you need to share your backups).

Sometimes zip bacup can save you some time by copying your files into a single archive rather than backing them up one by one. Scheduled backup can lessen your work time even more, managing the process automatically.

How to Backup to Zip With HandyBackup Free for Cloud

By following this instruction you will be able to backup in zip file in Handy Backup.

  1. Install and launch Handy Backup.
  2. You will be greeted with the Task Wizard prompting to create a new backup task. Select "Backup" and click "Next".
  3. Choose type of data, storage and backup type on Steps 2-4.
  4. On Step 5 click on "Compress the Backup Data to Save Space".
Free ZIP Backup Software
  1. Then select how you want your data to be compressed: as a single file or as a multiple archive. You can also encrypt backup on this step.
  2. Proceed to Step 8 following Task Wizard. Choose a name for your task and click "Finish".

Congratulations! Now you have a zip backup task.

This and many more features await you in the Handy Backup. Download Handy Backup free for Cloud today and see for yourself!

Read also about Automatic ZIP Backup Software in shareware version of Handy Backup.

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