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Handy Backup Software for Windows and Linux

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Windows Image Backup Utility to External Hard Disk

Windows image backup tool isn't the thing many of PC users dream about until it's too late, when important files, business data, movies or photos are kelled with small or no chance of recovery. Don't take the possibility of losing the files and documents that matter the most to you, protect your PC data now with Handy Backup software.

Handy Backup features:

  • Total Hard Drive Security. Handy Backup program is a strong disaster retrieval utility that offers total security for your PC. Backup your entire computer consists of operating system, files, applications, images, videos, music, enterprise documentations, and settings - Everything Securely!
  • Real-Time Hard Disk Windows Image Backup. Using various hard disk imaging methods, Handy Backup software can back up any operating system you use. For OS partitions you can do complete Windows image backup with no need to restart OS or close running software.
  • HDD Cloning. You can easily copy your first hard disk drive to use a new one, excluding slow and time consuming Windows OS and software running and settings. Main HDD partitioning features containing in Handy Backup provide you to join a second disk and make ready it for operation.
  • Data Recovery. Handy Backup software provides fast and simply file restore in seconds. Should your disk crash or a system error occur, you may recover your entire PC fast and easily. In case of an unbootable operating system, Handy Backup software provides a reliable recovery USB drive. You can also set up custom-made bootable retrieval media including Windows image backup.
  • Differential Backup. Handy Backup utility lets performing Windows image backup only with differences done since initial system backup, therefore reducing the size of the further image backup. Differential and incremental backup along with a built-in planner delivers to you a reliable auto disk backup software solution.

The most awesome detail, not like usual backup tool, you will never have do an installation of applications or Windows again. Do an identical copy of your PC and recover it from any senior error in minutes, or just store valuable documents and recover them even quicker!

Novosoft advanced software product offers all you want to relax quietly at night, remembering all of your data is secure and can be handy restored at any moment.

Creating Windows Image Backup

Handy Backup Professional provides a quick and easy method to perform Windows image backup of the entire hard disk drive, or each selected partition, and supports all kind of remote and network hard disk drives (including USB and FireWire drives). So disk based approach to backups offers the most reliable file protection against operating system crashes, appliance failures, and miscellaneous disasters, it is extremely confirmed for both home and small business users.

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